We are continuously looking for both conventional and innovative ways of conserving water. Due to various initiatives taken by the Group’s companies, we have been able to reduce water consumption over the years.

Potable water consumed at Cathay Pacific City and Cathay Dragon House was 27,321 m3 and 9,871 m3 in 2016 respectively. This represents an overall decrease of 5.2% over 2015 consumption.

One of our more water-intensive operations, Vogue Laundry, consumed 299,500 m3 of water in 2016, representing a 10.6% increase from its 2015 level.

Water consumption at CPCS for 2016 was 501,610 m3 and 2015 was 461,782 m3, which was an increase of 8.6%.

In total, our potable water consumption for 2016 in Hong Kong was 916,786 m3, which was an increase of 8.4% over 2015.