Our community

We support and invest in the Hong Kong community of which we have been a part for the past seven decades. Our local staff are also actively involved in community initiatives at our outport destinations. They are provided with guidelines to help them choose the types of projects in which we are involved.

Over the years, we have had numerous meaningful community initiatives that have brought significant benefits to local communities. Our strategy is to leverage and align the resources of our company (including our staff and passengers) with the needs of the communities we serve. Our global community investment strategy focuses on two major areas: education and the environment.

Encouraging staff involvement

The Cathay Pacific Volunteers Team was set up in 2007, and by the end of 2016 had 1,500 participating staff. In 2016, our staff completed a total of more than 1,300 hours of volunteering. Further details of these initiatives and their impacts are described in the following sections.


We support and nurture today’s young people by providing them with aviation and travel-related education schemes that also support sound personal development. This section outlines our key programmes.

I Can Fly 2016

The I Can Fly programme for 2016 commenced in March with the aim to encourage around 300 young participants to reach for their dreams and enhance their sense of social responsibility. They were engaged in a series of aviation-related training and visits as well as in implementing their self-designed social service projects. During the summer, the top 100 participants visited overseas aviation facilities and gained cultural experience in Singapore and Adelaide, Australia. Over 3,700 students have benefited from this programme since its initial launch in 2003.

Hackathon 2016

The inaugural Cathay Pacific 24-hour Hackathon, a software development and design challenge, was held in October to allow more than 120 young and talented people to showcase their skills in technology and business development by creating innovative technological solutions to enhance the customer travel journey. As well as encouraging innovation, the Hackathon also aimed to inspire participants to join our industry.

English on Air

Since 2007, Cathay Pacific has been organising the company’s flagship English on Air programme to provide English-speaking opportunities for the young people of Hong Kong. Two different programme activities were designed to cater for secondary school students of different age groups and needs: the Conversation Series and Mock Interviews. A total of 176 students from across six schools in Tung Chung participated in the programme during the 2015/2016 academic year.

We continued to evaluate the outcome of our activities with reference to the London Benchmarking Group model through survey responses from 149 participating students and 15 English teachers involved in the programme’s activities.

During the 2015/2016 academic year, the programme continued to perform well against the goals set across five different aspects. Over 90% of students found the programme effective in encouraging them to practice their spoken English.

English on Air programme evaluation (2014-2016)

  • 2015-2016
  • 2014-2015

Cathay Dragon Aviation Certificate Programme

Launched in 2005, the Cathay Dragon Aviation Certificate Programme is jointly organised with the Hong Kong Air Cadet Corps and the Scout Association of Hong Kong. It is a one-on-one pilot mentorship programme conducted over a nine-month period which aims to inspire a new generation of aviators in Hong Kong. Forty graduates completed the programme in 2016.

In addition to having the opportunity to explore the world of aviation through a series of lectures, training sessions, briefings and a tour of our aviation facilities, each participant is mentored by a Cathay Dragon pilot. As of 2016, over 200 participants have graduated from the programme, with nearly half of them starting an aviation-related career.

Cathay Pacific City visits

Cathay Pacific’s headquarters, Cathay Pacific City, is fully equipped with aviation and training facilities that are open to different non-profit organisations through a visitation programme. Nearly 10,000 visitors from schools and NGOs were welcomed at Cathay Pacific City in 2016.


Support to local and international environmental organisations

Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon consistently support both local and international environmental organisations in various ways.

Since 2004, Cathay Dragon has been running the “Change for Conservation” inflight fundraising campaign to raise awareness of the importance of nature conservation. Over HK$9.7 million has been raised for projects in remote areas of China, such as protecting watersheds in northwest Yunnan, establishing national parks, introducing a green credit system to help preserve forests and developing economic opportunities for the locals, as well as promoting usage of alternative energy and protecting endangered species.

Contributing to the Hong Kong community

As the home carrier of Hong Kong, we are committed to serving the Hong Kong community. Cathay Pacific has leveraged on its strengths and invited close to 90 families on a tour of the skies above Hong Kong.

Community Flight 2016

In January 2016, Hong Kong SAR Chief Executive CY Leung was guest of honour on a special community flight organised by Cathay Pacific as part of the Appreciate Hong Kong Campaign. The 90-minute flight on a Boeing 777-300 aircraft was a special treat for around 250 people from less-advantaged backgrounds. By flying together for the first time, they were able to spend quality time together and strengthen the family bond. A new element for this year’s flight was getting some of the participants involved in various duties during the flight, such as facilitating the boarding processes and making announcements. This echoed with the main theme of participating as a community by building their sense of awareness and empathy with others.


The successful inaugural flight of the first-ever homebuilt aircraft to fly under Hong Kong registration marked a new chapter in the history of Hong Kong aviation. Led by Cathay Pacific pilot Hank Cheng, and with support from the B-KOO “Inspiration” team, the aircraft completed a three-month around-the-world journey from August to November 2016. Starting and ending in Hong Kong, Inspiration’s journey covered approximately 50,000 km across 20 countries, including Australia, the United States, France, Jordan, Oman, Sri Lanka and Thailand.

Engaging with our customers

We have been engaging our passengers via inflight fundraising programmes – such as Cathay Pacific’s “Change for Good” for UNICEF and Cathay Dragon’s “Change for Conservation” for The Nature Conservancy – as well as through Asia Miles.

Cathay Pacific/UNICEF Change for Good inflight fundraising programme

Since 1991, travellers on Cathay Pacific flights have been encouraged to donate any spare change of any currency to UNICEF. Cabin crew help distribute, collect and seal Change for Good envelopes inflight. Cathay Pacific staff members have participated in-field visits to witness first-hand how this spare change is used to improve the lives of children.

In August 2016, we announced that the airline’s passengers had contributed more than HK$13.9 million in 2015 to help improve the lives of disadvantaged children around the world. Since the programme’s launch in 1991, more than HK$165 million have been raised through Change for Good. The money collected is used to support UNICEF’s programmes, helping children in more than 150 developing countries around the world.

2016 marked the 25th Anniversary of the partnership between Cathay Pacific and UNICEF HK. Twenty-five newly designed donation envelopes, each representing a different country, were launched on 1 October 2016. Starting from 2016, 30% of the donations have been received by will be allocated to the Schools for Asia initiative, which aims to transform the lives of children through education in China and India.

Staff field trips to Nepal and China

In 2016, our staff from Cathay Pacific joined UNICEF field trips to Nepal and China in July and December respectively. They were able to see how funds from “Change for Good” have been put to good use in improving people’s lives, and were also able to learn more about the critical issues faced by local communities, such as post-earthquake recovery efforts in Nepal and early education needs in China.

I could see how the children are benefitting from the UNICEF projects. The project teams make a special effort to create space for the children to play and learn, devising exciting and ingenuitive ways to make learning more fun, while also helping to improve their living environment and hygiene standards.

Alex Cho

Flight Attendant

Cathay Pacific Wheelchair Bank

The Wheelchair Bank was set up in 1996 with the help of the Faculty of Medicine at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and the Prince of Wales Hospital, in order to raise funds to purchase specially adapted wheelchairs for children with neuromuscular diseases.

Since 1999, with UNICEF’s support, an average of one month’s proceeds each year from Cathay Pacific’s Change for Good inflight fundraising programme has been donated to this cause. To date, more than HK$16 million have been donated to the Cathay Pacific Wheelchair Bank, which has contributed to the aid of nearly 500 children.

Turn Miles into Good Deeds – Asia Miles Social Goods

Asia Miles Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Cathay Pacific Airways Limited, shows its strong commitment to the community and the environment through various charitable initiatives. The leading travel and lifestyle rewards programme in Asia serves as a platform for NGO partners to reach their potential donors while at the same time offering a number of charitable choices to its members. With the aim of delivering a Life Rewarded, the online platform connects Asia Miles (which has more than nine million members worldwide) with charity partners and other NGOs. Asia Miles converts miles into good causes that benefit the underprivileged across the globe.

In response to member feedback, Asia Miles greatly expanded the depth and breadth of social goods packages available at its online platform in 2016.

Social goods items included a birdcage oil burner, the proceeds of which were donated to Heep Hong Society – a leading education and rehabilitation organisation committed to helping children and youth with special needs. Other items included a Lotus 8 Print Silk Shawl from L plus H Fashion – a social enterprise which collaborated with the Arts with the Disabled Association Hong Kong to popularise the arts among people with disabilities. Another one was a mammogram service from The Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation for financially underprivileged women. Many other items are available on the Asia Miles iRedeem platform.

Oxfam Trailwalker and UNICEF Charity Run – Asia Miles

Asia Miles has been a long-standing sponsor of major charity sports events in Hong Kong, including the OXFAM Trailwalker (OTW) and the UNICEF Charity Run.

Asia Miles has been sponsoring OTW, the largest hiking fundraising event in Hong Kong, which was hosted by Oxfam Hong Kong. For the past 13 years, funds from the event have supported Oxfam’s various poverty alleviation and emergency relief projects in Africa and Asia, including in Hong Kong, Macau and Mainland China. In 2016, the partnership expanded to offer Asia Miles members an opportunity to redeem social goods, such as a cow, a road, meals and a safe haven. Miles redeemed for these much-needed items and facilities supported the underprivileged in remote villages in their struggle for a better life.

For the 10th consecutive year, Asia Miles supported the UNICEF Charity Run, the second largest long-distance running event in Hong Kong, to raise funds for UNICEF’s “Unite for Children, Unite against AIDS” global campaign. In 2016, members redeemed miles for participating in the charity run, while non-running members supported UNICEF by redeeming UNICEF HK Gift Packages. Gift Packages helped to eliminate mother-to-child transmissions of HIV in over 150 developing countries, while also protecting children from contagious diseases which could leave survivors with life-long disabilities, such as blindness, deafness and brain damage. Asia Miles members, staff and family took part in the charity run.

Social Enterprise Products Inflight

Since 2005, we have been offering products through our inflight sales shop that are managed by social enterprises and benefit the underprivileged. In 2013, a special section called “Shop for a Good Cause” was created in our inflight shop magazine, Discover the Shop, to support charitable products. The section has been further revamped to the current “Cathay Pacific Cares”. Throughout 2016, our inflight sales programme continued to collaborate with different charities to offer various charitable items including:

  • SPCA – Foldable Bag & Giant Aeroplane Chess
    Established in 1921, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) rescues thousands of animals each year and proactively carry out educational work on animal welfare.
  • Love + Hope – Handmade Traveller’s Wallet and ‘Mail of LOVE’ Passport Holder
    Love + Hope is a social enterprise founded in 2008 to provide job opportunities to the locally-based, skilled but displaced textile artisans of Hong Kong. They offer products that combine the finest materials with artisan craftsmanship and revives Hong Kong’s rich heritage of knitwear manufacturing. They take pride in their efforts to revitalise the label “Made in Hong Kong”.
  • LEAP – Vivienne Tam X LEAP Tote Bag
    Life Education Activity Programme (LEAP) reaches out to young people in local and international schools in Hong Kong to promote drug prevention, and more than 90,000 students benefit from the programmes each year.
  • Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation – The Pink Scarf
    The Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation is a non-profit charitable organisation dedicated to mitigating the threat of breast cancer to the local community through education, advocacy, support and research.
  • &Care – Hand Stitched Leather Stationery Set
    &Care, working together with commercial enterprises, is devoted to promoting the spirit of caring in collaboration with social and commercial sectors through the ‘Enterprise & Care’ brand.

Further to the Cathay Pacific Cares Section, Discover the Shop collaborated with its key partner brands during Q4 2016 to support the Cancer Fund Pink Revolution campaign. $10 was donated to the Hong Kong Cancer Fund for each of the selected items sold. Hong Kong Cancer Fund promotes the importance of early detection of breast cancer and provides free breast cancer support services in Hong Kong.