Attracting talents

As a major employer which supports Hong Kong, we endeavour to demonstrate good corporate citizenship. We provide equal opportunities to individuals regardless of gender, race, national or ethnic origin, religion, cultural background, social group, disability, marital status, family status, sexual orientation, age or political opinion.

We have adopted formal mechanisms through which staff can make a complaint of discrimination or harassment in any form. The practice of undertaking local recruitment in the communities in which we operate has been in place for the past 25 years. If the required skills are available locally, we will give priority to the local labour market before searching internationally. Vacancies are first opened internally to our staff, then to the local community, and then, finally, overseas. Most of our overseas hiring relate to skills or experience that are not readily available locally.


The Brushwingers orientation programme was revamped to help new joiners learn more about our company in preparation for their first day. The unique name was chosen to give our new joiners an identity and to help them build a sense of belonging. A new interactive site has been set up providing Brushwingers access to information regarding the company, our values, culture, and profiles of other Brushwingers in different parts of the business.

The orientation programme was expanded to give Brushwingers an opportunity to obtain in-depth information on our company, such as through meeting managers from different departments and visits to our major subsidiaries and suppliers.

We all know that starting a new role in a new organisation can be daunting, even overwhelming. We are determined to ensure we help our Brushwingers feel a sense of belonging and are ready from day one.

Tony Reynolds

Head of Employee Experience