Sustainable food policy

Cathay Pacific recognises the need for a policy to conserve certain species that are endangered due to the problem of overfishing. We will execute this by choosing to opt out of purchasing specific unsustainable food items and ask for information with regards to where the food was originally sourced.

It is Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon’s corporate policy not to serve shark fin soup either inflight, at Cathay Pacific City, Cathay Dragon House or at any corporate events or meals which are organised or subsidised by the company.

Our internal Sustainable Food Policy was adopted in 2011.

Inflight initiatives

Inflight, Cathay Pacific’s Catering Team has been working with our catering suppliers to support sustainable seafood and fisheries. Since 2010, in Economy Class on our flights from European ports, we have been serving fish from sustainable sources, such as those that are Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified. Whilst this may not be the most economical option in the short term, we believe that as the supply chain develops and matures, this will be the right way forward, and so we are therefore prepared to support it wherever possible.

We have been serving fish from sustainable sources since 2011 onboard for particular cabins on a number of route. We will continue to work with our catering suppliers to develop supply chains for sustainably sourced seafood for our flights where practicable.

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