CX Commitments

In 2012, we launched our commitments under our Sustainable Development Strategy. We committed ourselves to a number of actions that are related to reducing our resource use and improving waste management:
20/20 Commitments Progress Why this commitment? What has been done What we are going to do in the medium term (2-3 years)
Reduce the environmental impact of maintenance, repair and overhauls (MRO) carried out in Hong Kong by 50% On Plan We recognise the impacts during the maintenance of our aircraft, including from the use of chemicals, jet fuel, water and energy Identified the key MRO impacts with our maintenance service suppliers, HAESL and HAECO

Improve efficiency of resource use by HAESL and HAECO under areas where savings can be achieved

Identify and trial alternative products to reduce chemical, water and energy impacts

Reduce material usage and waste by 25% On Plan To reduce resource use and disposed waste both inflight and in our offices, as this is something our customers and staff care about

Collected information on what we use and dispose of

Worked with charities to reduce the need for disposal

Switched to electronic documents with eEnabled aircraft

Used lighter material for inflight equipment

Identify resources where there is potential for improvement, and work with our suppliers and customers on these materials
Increase recycling by 25% On Plan To reduce the strain on resources and avoid disposing to landfill, where there is space shortage especially in Hong Kong Introduced and increase recycling opportunities where available, e.g. glass bottles, both inflight and in our offices Raise staff awareness and improve office recycling facilities
Achieved On PlanOff Plan