The use of material resources such as paper and wood, plastic and food in our operations is inevitable. We recognise the impacts of using and disposing of these materials, such as the shortage of landfill space in Hong Kong. Therefore we have medium to long-term programmes in place to minimise these impacts and be responsible stewards of these resources. While we were seen by our stakeholders as having improved in this area, they expect to see continued action on this urgent issue.

In particular, our staff are concerned about what they can do in the working environment, for example, flight and cabin crew wanted to see more being done to tackle inflight waste, while our ground staff wanted to see us take more proactive steps in offices and airports. This is a positive sign, as we are seeing our staff more willing to be involved in reducing our use of resources and increasing recycling and re-using where we can. This is encouraging as many of our resource and waste management initiatives can only be achieved with the support of our staff, both inflight and on the ground.

In recent years, we have received considerable attention on our use of plastics inflight – this was consistent amongst our different stakeholders – from passengers, staff and environmental organisations. We have provided a detailed section in our factsheet on our plastic use.

Our strategy to resource use and waste management is as follows: