An Introduction to the Cathay Pacific Sustainable Development Report 2014

At Cathay Pacific, we have always talked about the journey of sustainable development. But it is also an evolution as our strategy develops and matures. Whichever stage we are at, we stay ambitious with our approach to embed the value and practice of sustainability into how we exist, engage and evolve to achieve our collective goal of a sustainable future for generations to come.

We have a deeply-founded philosophy that life should be lived well. This means helping everyone we touch to pursue a truly fulfilling existence and to ensure future generations have the opportunity to do the same. We know this is not something we can achieve by ourselves. Our collective success is dependent on collaborative relationships, cultivating shared value to address material issues through sustainable development.

We are extremely proud of what our team has achieved as we were voted as the Airline of the Year for the fourth time. That is not to say we are resting on our laurels or are satisfied by current achievements. It remains our vision to strive to be the best airline in the world.

We have been engaging across internal functions and external partners to find innovative solutions to deal with increasingly complex sustainability issues. In this report, we continue to tell these stories, which we hope to inspire step-change level thinking. We also continue to monitor our progress and performance on our 20/20 commitments.

“I am very proud of the work done by my team at Cathay Pacific – and that team includes innovators from purchasing to product to IT to flight operations.”

John Slosar