In 2010, we developed our Sustainable Development Strategy. In 2012, we launched our vision for how this Strategy will be realised through 20 commitments, to help us define what we intend to do and achieve by 2020. These commitments encompassed the key operational areas of our business, right across our flights, catering services, ground fleet, offices, suppliers and the communities we fly to. This is the result of years of engagement with our key stakeholders: our employees, passengers, investors, company management, community neighbours, subject experts and academics.


Commitments by 2020 Section of the Report to which this issue relates to

2% year on year fuel efficiency

Climate Change

Develop a cost-effective strategy to incorporate sustainable aviation fuel into our operations

Embed climate change adaptation into overall risk management

Reduce electricity use by 25%

Ground vehicles to use alternative fuels/power source

All CX Group-owned buildings, offices and lounges will consider green building standards or principles

Offer carbon offsetting as part of all ticket-related marketing and promotional activities

Develop and implement a sustainable cargo policy


All meals served inflight and on the ground will meet sustainability criteria

Reduce the environmental impact of maintenance, repair and overhauls carried out in Hong Kong by 50%

Waste Management

Reduce material usage and waste by 25%

Increase recycling by 25%

All CX Group-branded materials will be produced using sustainable materials

Sustainable Sourcing

All paper, paper products and textiles offered to customers or as part of the service offering will be made of sustainable materials

Engage with suppliers of inflight sales products on sustainability principles

All suppliers will comply with our Supply Chain Code of Conduct

All meals served inflight and on the ground will meet sustainability criteria

Sustainable Sourcing

CX Holidays to offer at least five more ecotourism packages by 2015

Sustainable Sourcing

All holiday packages offered by CX Holidays will be verified for their sustainability impacts

Implement London Benchmarking Group (LBG) methodology to evaluate major company community projects

Sustaining a Life Well Travelled/
Sustainable Development Strategy

Implement CX community investment guidelines by 2015