CX Commitments

In 2012, we launched our commitments under our Sustainable Development Strategy. We committed ourselves to a number of actions that are related to working with our supply chain:
20/20 Commitments Progress Why this commitment? What has been done What we are going to do in the medium term (2-3 years)
All CX Group-branded materials will be produced using sustainable materials On Plan To ensure that CX branded materials meet not only the highest quality, but also come from sustainable and responsible sources Adopted the paper, plastic and printing guidelines with a focus on Cathay Pacific branded products Trial with more sustainable materials on different products
All paper, paper products and textiles offered to customers or as part of the service offering will be made of sustainable materials On Plan To ensure products offered to our customers meet their sustainability expectations Adopted the paper, plastic and printing guidelines in 2013

First class sleep suits are made from organic cotton using green manufacturing principles

Trialled alternative methods to reuse old uniforms

Donated old blankets and seat covers to charities

Develop guidelines on textile use

Utilising alternative methods to reuse old uniforms

Engage with suppliers of inflight sales products on sustainability principles On Plan To expand the reach of our Supplier Code of Conduct to include inflight sales product suppliers. Be consistent in the sustainability requirements of the products and services offered to our customers Surveyed publicly available information of our inflight sales suppliers against our Code“Cathay Cares” and “Shop for a Good Cause” sections in the Cathay Pacific and Dragonair inflight sales magazines Discover The Shop and Emporium respectively, selling products that support communities and the environment Further engage with these suppliers
All suppliers will comply with our Supply Chain Code of Conduct On Plan To ensure that we only work with suppliers that comply fully with our Code of Conduct Developed checklists for the purchasing teams to implement the Code effectively and consistently

Develop user-friendly reference material for the purchasing teams and organise learning events to equip them

Develop a process and system to effectively engage suppliers to comply with the Code

All meals served inflight and on the ground will meet sustainability criteria On Plan To reduce our impacts on biodiversity Served fish and seafood from sustainable sources on flights from Europe and North America

Develop sustainable food guidelines

Identify food items that can be sourced sustainably

CX Holidays to offer at least five more ecotourism packages by 2015 On Plan To expand our product offering to include sustainable products Identified ecotourism destinations and operators within the packages we currently offer Identify further ecotourism destinations and operators
All holiday packages offered by CX Holidays will be verified for their sustainability impacts On Plan To ensure sustainability impacts are considered in the packages we offer Identified the existing sustainability criteria and standards for ecotourism Identify the destinations and operators that offer these standards
Achieved On PlanOff Plan