Our dynamic, professional, friendly and intuitive team is one of our greatest strengths and assets. We are proud of the high quality service of our staff, and are committed to providing the best possible working and career environment for them, in order to attract, develop and retain the best talent.

Priority on People and Continual Drive to Develop a Winning Team

We aim to ensure our staff is productive, competent and flexible, and that they operate within a healthy environment. We want to provide rewarding career opportunities by investing in our staff’s professional and personal development. We do our best to show our appreciation of their highly-regarded professionalism and hardwork.

Our aim is to provide equal opportunities to individuals regardless of gender, race, national or ethnic origin, religion, cultural background, social group, disability, marital status, family status, sexual orientation, age or political opinion. We strive to manage people in a way that recognises diversity. We have also adopted formal mechanisms through which employees can make a complaint of discrimination or harassment in any form.

Cabin Crew Nationality Mix (%)

Our team is unique in that it is widely dispersed around the world and consists of highly diverse cultures, background and languages. We work with multiple trade bodies based in different countries with specific union regulations, and we uphold freedom of association for our staff. Industrial relations continue to be an important issue, however we are actively working with the various groups to continue to enhance communication and consultation to ensure views are heard and acted upon appropriately.

As a major employer supporting Hong Kong, it has been our long-standing practice to support local recruitment. If the required skills are available locally, we will give priority to the local labour market before searching internationally. Vacancies are first opened internally to the company, then to the local community, and only then, overseas. Most of our overseas hiring relates to skills or experience that is not readily available in the local labour market, such as engineering and flight crew — which is why we have extensive local engineering and flight crew training to help build these skills in Hong Kong.

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