CX Commitments

In 2012, we launched our commitments under our Sustainable Development Strategy. We committed ourselves to a number of actions that are related to reducing our overall carbon emissions (in the air and on the ground) and adapting to the impacts of climate change:
20/20 Commitments Progress Why this commitment? What has been done What we are going to do in the medium term (2-3 years)
Achieve 2% year on year improvement in fuel efficiency On Plan To meet and exceed the industry commitment of 1.5%, reduce fuel cost and emissions Significant investment in our fleet renewal plan. We took delivery of 16 new aircraft in 2014: nine Boeing 777-300ER aircraft, five Airbus A330-300 aircraft and (for Dragonair) two Airbus A321-200 aircraft. Six Boeing 747-400 passenger aircraft were retired during the period. Receive new aircraft and retire less efficient ones. At 31 December 2014 we had 79 new aircraft on order for delivery up to 2024. A total of nine new aircraft are scheduled for delivery in 2015.
Develop a cost-effective strategy to incorporate sustainable aviation fuel into our operations Achieved To develop a robust alternative fuels strategy as part of our adaptation strategy

Appointed a dedicated Biofuel Manager in 2011.

Invested in a U.S. based waste-to-energy biofuel development facility in 2014.

Progress several projects, including undertaking a feasibility study with a technology partner.

Embed climate change adaptation into overall risk management On Plan To reduce Cathay Pacific’s exposure to risks and capture business opportunities related to climate change Review international and local aviation climate change adaptation research Develop an implementation plan
Reduce electricity use by 25% On Plan This is a key impact of our headquarter buildings in Hong Kong Introduced green specifications into the proposal process for purchases of electric equipment

Carry out a detailed Energy Audit with recommendations

Include green specifications in equipment requirements

Ground vehicles to use alternative fuels/power source On Plan To encourage more efficient use of our ground vehicles and service equipment, and to prepare for future legislation

Upgraded vehicle

The second term of HAS’ Ground Support Equipment (GSE) Replacement Programme commenced in 2014. About 60% of HAS’ motor vehicles and GSE are now electrically powered or comply with the latest emission standard that is Stage IIIA for GSE and Euro V for vehicles

Continued progressive vehicle replacement and exploring performance improvement systems
All Cathay Pacific Group-owned buildings, offices and lounges will consider green building standards or principles On Plan To ensure green elements are considered at the design stage of our newly constructed or refurbished buildings Applied green guidelines and building certification (where applicable) for offices and passenger lounges. The Cathay Pacific lounge at Charles De Gaulle Airport, Paris was LEED Silver certified in 2014

Develop bespoke guidelines suited to the construction and refurbishment of our specific facilities.

New buildings for CPCS and Vogue Laundry to be designed to achieve the BEAM Plus GOLD standard

Offer carbon offsetting as part of all ticket-related marketing and promotional activities Achieved To provide a value-added service while raising customer awareness on the carbon impact of their flight, and how they can offset this impact

Offsets paid for free tickets given for marketing promotions and public relations activities

For free tickets where the passenger covers taxes and surcharges, a Fly greener reminder is provided in the prize letter

Revamp the Fly greener programme
Achieved On PlanOff Plan