CX Commitments

Based on the input of our stakeholders and our strong support for reducing the negative impact of our daily operations on biodiversity, we are committed to the following actions:
20/20 Commitments Progress Why this commitment? What has been done What we are going to do in the medium term (2-3 years)
Develop and implement a sustainable cargo policy On Plan To have a cargo policy that is in line with the principles of sustainable development Engaged with local and international experts to identify principles and criteria for acceptance of these products

Formed a framework with specialists from the IUCN and TRAFFIC International which would help us implement our policy for shark and shark products effectively

Trial the framework and communicate with our cargo ports
All meals served inflight and on the ground will meet sustainability criteria On Plan To ensure our inflight meals meet best sustainability standards Develop a list and summary of all the standards on sustainable food sources Gradually apply the food standards list to our purchases
Achieved On PlanOff Plan