Since 2010, Cathay Pacific has been inviting a multi-stakeholder panel to provide external input regarding our stated performance against our Sustainable Development Strategy, and also review and assess the balance, completeness and responsiveness of our Sustainable Development Reports. This year, the Panel comprises:

Kalmond Man

Kalmond Ma
Executive Director, Hong Kong
Make a Wish

Wai-shin Chan

Wai-shin Chan
Director – Climate Change Strategy, Asia Pacific
HSBC Investment Research

Sophia Mendhelson

Sophia Mendhelson
Head of Sustainability

Simon Ng

Simon Ng
Chief Research Officer
Civic Exchange

Mark Devadason

Mark Devadason
Group Head of Sustainability
Standard Chartered Bank

The Stakeholder Review Panel convened once via an in-person and conference call focus group meeting to review draft report content including key 2014 progress updates.

The Panel considered:

  • The appropriate coverage of issues and the materiality of those issues (existing and emerging) for Cathay Pacific and its stakeholders;
  • The responsiveness of the report in terms of addressing stakeholder concerns; and
  • Improvements that Cathay Pacific could make in this and future reports, as well as overall communications and engagement around sustainable development.

We would like to express our appreciation to the Panel for their time and invaluable feedback on our report.

Stakeholder Review Panel Statement

We welcome Cathay Pacific’s invitation to be involved in this year’s Stakeholder Review Panel for their Sustainable Development Report 2014. This exercise demonstrates an advanced approach to stakeholder engagement and provides the opportunity to share external input around the organisation’s performance and communications related to its Sustainable Development Strategy.

Overall, the Panel perceives Cathay Pacific to be a local leader for its sustainable development commitments, performance and reporting efforts, and also among the leading global organisations within the aviation industry. This is demonstrated through its integrated approach to objectively addressing issues that are material to the business, authentic openness for collaboration within the industry, and a transparent approach to reporting communications. The 20 sustainable development commitments that Cathay Pacific intends to achieve by 2020 also demonstrates integration and accountability across the organisation.

For these reasons, the Panel would encourage Cathay Pacific to further leverage its sphere of influence to incite and enable greater impact amongst its peers and stakeholders. This effort starts with meaningful engagement around its sustainable development strategy and reporting, and will ultimately deepen impacts and foster cross-sector collaboration, working towards community ownership and sustainable actions.

With regard to the 2014 report and future reporting efforts, while the issue-based approach enables readers to effectively access the information they seek out, we would like to encourage Cathay Pacific to further consider and share more information on the following:

  • More visual year-over-year progress summaries against 20/20 commitments to build on current approach and show the journey for each year’s achievements
  • A journey towards integrated reporting, leveraging internal insights from Swire experience
  • Communicating to and engaging with customers and wider stakeholder base more directly, for example via communications on customer-facing website and in-air entertainment

We commend Cathay Pacific for its approach sustainable development reporting and stakeholder engagement, which demonstrates openness and integrity.

Stakeholder Review Panel
Cathay Pacific Sustainable Development Report 2014


The views expressed here are based on individual perceptions and do not necessarily represent those of their respective organisations.