Welcome to our 6th Sustainable Development Report. It follows our sustainability journey in 2014 – both achievements and challenges, which is presented in different formats to suit the needs of different stakeholders:

  • as summaries and updates of the key issues on the main pages of the website, for those who want a quick glance;
  • as downloadable pdf Factsheets, designed for those who would like more in-depth data, information and stories; and
  • as videos, where our staff tell their personal stories that demonstrate how they have made sustainability relevant in their day-to-day job.

A summary leaflet in both English and Chinese will be published together with this online report. These are downloadable from the website.

Why Do We Report?

Our reporting has evolved since 1996, the first year we launched our Environmental Report, but our commitment to transparency and accountability remains unchanged.

We publish our Sustainable Development Report yearly to:

  • Disclose our sustainability performance in a transparent, accountable and clear manner;
  • Engage with our stakeholders on sustainability issues that are material to our business so we can address them effectively and appropriately; and
  • Discuss the challenges and setbacks we face as a company in progressing along this sustainable journey, learn how to overcome them, and how we are approaching them in our governance, environmental and societal practices.