We are committed to sustainable development as it is the right thing to do for our planet, people and communities. We are in it for the long term in order for our business to be successful and sustainable.

Involving stakeholders in our Sustainable Development Strategy is an indispensible part of advancing toward our business vision. We have been listening to our stakeholders’ diverse needs and concerns, and we are responding by engaging and working with them to find innovative solutions, reduce our impacts and reach our targets.

Message from the Chief Executive

CX has an unwavering commitment to sustainability. We are adapting to the demands of a volatile operating environment by strengthening ourselves. I am particularly proud of our staff team who are passionate about influencing sustainability behaviour.

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2013 progress

  • HK$2,620 million Attributable profit
  • 29.9 million Number of passengers carried by CX and KA
  • 31,600 Number of group staff worldwide
  • 15,472 thousand tonnesCO2 emissions from fuel burn
  • 13.3% improvement in ATK since 1998
  • 19.3% improvement in RTK since 1998

Our Sustainable Development Strategy and 20/20 Commitments

Since 2010, we have been developing our Sustainable Development Strategy and Commitments to bring about positive change and minimise the impact of our operations on the environment. Only then can our business operate far into the future.

Our Achievements

Inclusion in leading sustainability indices: