Engaging with Our Suppliers

We recognise that the degree to which our suppliers integrate Sustainable Development principles and practices into their businesses plays an important role in our overall sustainability performance. Our aim is to enhance the sustainability performance of our supply chain through ongoing compliance to our Supplier Code of Conduct and with continued engagement and collaboration with our suppliers. We manage our sustainable development risks related to our supply chain by actively working with suppliers who share the standards we place on environmental, health & safety, human rights and labour practices, business ethics and community issues.

Since the launch of our Supplier Code of Conduct in 2007, we published a revision in 2009 to include ethics to reflect our strong preference to work with suppliers who share our commitment to honesty and integrity. Along with our Sustainable Development Strategy, we are reviewing the Code of Conduct to align the expectations we have of our suppliers with our Sustainable Development Policy. We intend to publish a further revision of the Code of Conduct in early 2012 and it will be made available internally through our intranet and shared with our existing and potential suppliers, both locally and at our outports.

Suppliers who participated in this year’s stakeholder engagement focus group were very supportive of these exchange sessions, and we will continue to pursue this in the future as part of our engagement cycle with different stakeholder groups.

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