Progress on 2011 Actions and 2012 Agenda
Commitments Progress What we did in 2011
Conduct staff briefing sessions on the Supplier Code of Conduct. Ongoing We intend to publish a further revision of the Code of Conduct in early 2012 and it will be made available internally through our intranet as well as to our existing and potential suppliers, both locally and at our outports.
Continue to liaise with other Swire Companies on 'Best Practice' sustainability and CSR issues in the Supply Chain. Ongoing We continue to participate in the Swire best practice working groups.
Work with suppliers toward full compliance of our Suppliers Code of Conduct. Ongoing We continue developing our compliance checking system for our suppliers. Using an internally developed risk matrix, we will classify our suppliers based on the impact and likelihood of the risks each supplier poses to our business.
Assess high risk suppliers on a more regular basis using compliance-checking procedures. Ongoing This will form part of the suppliers’ compliance checking system which we are developing, including a comprehensive site visit for suppliers deemed to be in the highest risk category.

Agenda for 2012

  • Revise the Code of Conduct to align the expectations we have of our suppliers with our SD Policy
  • Development of a compliance checking system for our suppliers.
  • Continue to participate in the Swire Supply Chain Sustainability Group
  • Continue active membership at the Hong Kong Green Council
  • Explore the feasibility of adopting more alternatives with sustainability attributes and expand our support of products that adhere to relevant sustainability credentials
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