Safety Occurrences

One of our safety goals is zero accidents and zero 'high risk' incidents. In 2011, there was one event classified as an accident, compared with two in 2010. There were two 'high risk' safety incidents in 2011 compared to one in 2010. Both the accident and one of the high risk events are currently under investigation, with a view to learning what we can from the events and preventing recurrence.

There was also a reduction in 'moderate risk' safety incidents from 79 in 2010 to 67 in 2011, representing a 15% decrease.

No accidents have been reported for Dragonair during the same period.

Note: Safety Occurrences include all incidents and accidents that occurred in 2011. Risk levels are determined by the Cathay Pacific risk management matrix. High risk are significant risks that require immediate attention. Moderate risks are significant risks that require appropriate mitigation and monitoring.

Events classified as accidents or serious incidents:

The accident occurred on the 9 December 2011 on CX365 when the cabin crew and passengers of a B747-400 waiting to line up for take-off in Shanghai noticed what they observed to be smoke in the economy cabin emanating from below the floor. Cabin crew reported the conditions to the pilots who, after assessing the situation, decided that an emergency evacuation of the aircraft was necessary. It was during this evacuation using the emergency slides that two passengers received injuries that required hospitalization and surgical intervention to treat ankle fractures. These injuries led to the event being classified as an accident. Further investigation revealed that in fact it was not smoke in the cabin, but atomized hydraulic fumes that had occurred as a result of a hydraulic pipe fracture under the floor in the forward cargo hold. A full investigation is under way by the Civil Aviation Administration of China, supported by the Cathay Pacific Corporate Safety Department.

The other event that was classified as a serious incident (not an accident) occurred on 5 May 2011 to CX715. In this case, an Airbus A330 aircraft departing from Singapore en route to Jakarta had a single engine failure whilst in the climb from Singapore, and subsequently returned and landed safely after the pilots dealt with the situation. The incident is under investigation by the Air Accident Investigation Bureau of Singapore with the assistance of the Cathay Pacific Corporate Safety Department.

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