Developing a Winning Team

Learning and development

We encourage a continuous learning culture among all our staff, and aim to provide learning and development opportunities in preparation for their various roles and responsibilities of all categories.

To provide a greater focus on people development, the Organisation Development and Learning function was replaced by two specialist teams, ‘Organisation Development & Change’ and ‘People Development’ respectively. The aim of Organisation Development & Change is to provide better support to those departments that are implementing changes in their work culture and effectiveness. People Development supports the company’s leadership in the identification and development of staff who demonstrate high potential and performance, as well as identifying suitable career development opportunities. A leadership and management development curriculum is also being developed and introduced to relevant staff at all levels in both Hong Kong and outports.

Based on feedback from the results of the Organisation Alignment Survey and a pilot exercise in 2010, we have made improvements to the performance management process. This aims to support a more quality-based conversation between managers and staff at all levels of our organisation. This revamped process, which has been renamed Performance and Development Management Process, carries a stronger development focus, as we want managers and staff to review expectations, performance and career planning openly so that everyone can clearly understand what is expected, and feel motivated to do their best.

On the cabin crew side, to enhance their induction and training, a new Boeing 777 aircraft mock up was built at CX City and the two existing mock ups will be upgraded. These will serve the expanding training requirements for our team (which has now grown to over 9,000), improving the quality of training, and keeping pace with the new First and Business class products. The mock ups will also serve to showcase these new products. The Airbus mock-up, which has been in use since 1998, is being renovated in preparation for the delivery of our new Airbus 350 XWB aircraft. These will be ready for use in training by mid-2012.

In addition to strengthening our service philosophy, business awareness, service and interpersonal skills, we provide annual refreshers on disability awareness and occupational safety for all crew. Leadership and management skills training are provided to senior crew to support them in managing and mentoring the younger generation of crew. To encourage ongoing development, we provide voluntary learning programmes that cater to both crew’s work and personal life.

In 2011, we piloted the Dragonair cabin crew mentorship programme to enhance professionalism and service quality of our crew. With the feedback received from both mentors and mentees in these pilots, the programme will be refined to enable it to be implemented effectively once it is officially launched in 2012.

Recruitment and selection

As an equal opportunities employer, our recruitment is not limited by gender, race, national origin, religion, disability or family status. We have been undertaking local recruitment in the communities where we operate, which means we give priority to the local labour market where the required skills are available there, before searching internationally.

Retaining talent

Cathay Pacific values the long-term commitment our staff makes to the delivery of their work and to service excellence. We are proud of our ‘family-oriented’ culture and encourage staff to see the long-term value of working with us. We acknowledge the diversity of needs and values that each generation of staff presents, and we work hard to respond to and meet those needs. In appreciation of the hardwork of our staff that helped make 2010 a record year for us, those eligible received five weeks’ share of profit for 2010, along with a salary bonus.

Employee welfare

We provide an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) in Hong Kong and outports, which staff and eligible dependents can access. It is free of charge, confidential, provides professional (including financial and legal) information and counselling on personal and work-related concerns such as relationships, parenting, emotional disturbances, substance dependency, coping with trauma, grief, preparing for retirement or job transitions and any other issues of concern.

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