Flight Crew

We proactively engage with our flight crew on the many aspects that concern their well-being, and are constantly working to improve our support to them wherever we can. To assist and support our flight crew on benefits, sickness, rostering, general welfare and on areas of a technical or operational nature, Cathay Pacific has put in place an extensive support infrastructure.

There are a number of industrial issues which we regularly address in different ways. The two primary issues for many employees, pay and working hours, are equally critical to our flight crew. The first was most recently addressed in 2010, whilst the second is up for review in 2012, where we will be working with our trade unions to develop a new agreement for rostering. Issues related to retirement and recruitment largely stem from a combination of legacy issues and constantly changing legislation around the world. In the last thirty years, our crew team has expanded rapidly, and attached to this growth is a spectrum of differing terms and conditions from various phases of recruitment over the years. Hence, one of the key challenges for us as a company is to seek to be consistent and fair in the way we treat our crew, whilst being compliant with a range of local laws, and balancing the needs of employees and the business. We value our crew, and therefore, one of our goals is to strive to offer the most attractive working conditions and packages available to them.

On the communications side, we maintain a number of channels with our flight crew to provide both technical and personal support, advice and information dissemination. These include weekly management updates, news on the fleet, training and the various bases, auditorium question and answer sessions, online feedback forms to specific operational and technical teams, and a quarterly news and lifestyle magazine, Crews News. Fleet offices also hold regular dinners so crew from the same fleet can meet in a more informal setting.

In order to provide a confidential environment to recognise and facilitate the recovery of a pilot from the illness of chemical dependency (alcohol and other drugs), Cathay Pacific is introducing a HIMS (Human Intervention and Motivation System) programme that is fully and jointly supported by the Aircrew Officers Association (AOA) and Cathay Pacific. The company is committed to ensuring a safe operation. We also subscribe to the belief that the health of an individual is paramount, and will provide incentive for recognition and recovery of employees from chemical dependency. The Flight Operations Leadership team is committed to supporting an environment conducive to identification, rehabilitation and recovery.

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