Cabin Crew

As part of our frontline team, cabin crew provide invaluable input to the way we serve customers, especially inflight. Their views are important to us, and consultation and feedback remains a key focus. We do this by strengthening existing crew forums, consultative groups, feedback sessions and utilising new channels. We do our best to show our appreciation to their highly-regarded professionalism and hardwork.

In recognition of the rapid expansion of the large inflight team and increasingly complex service environment, the following are some of the areas where new initiatives are ongoing with the aim of meeting crew requirements and to better cater for their needs:

  • Lifestyle and rostering – We work to provide safe, comfortable and convenient layover arrangements, as well as look at flight patterns to ensure that they meet HK CAD standards and crew lifestyle needs. One initiative on trial is the flight request system that provides more flexibility on crew rosters. We also schedule days off on crew's birthday where possible, and give crew the option of choosing three priority days off per year.
  • On the Job – We endeavour to make our crew's working environment efficient and comfortable and have introduced enhanced inflight dining options and resting amenities. Our crew was also integral in the development and implementation of the defect-free cabin campaign, which is an ongoing and long-term working group with ISMs and the Engineering and Cabin Quality & Standards teams to maintain the high standards of our cabins.
  • Recognition and Support – We have increased interaction and engagement to recognise the efforts of cabin crew through receptions, top performers' dinners, bi-monthly crew forums, Inflight Service Managers (ISMs) and Senior Pursers workshops to discuss ideas and issues, and the introduction of a team of Performance Development Assistants to strengthen the Team Office. Twenty-one ISM forums were held this year, and we met with almost all of our ISMs to discuss service excellence and leadership. 2011 also saw the launch of Jetset TV. Jetset TV is a lifestyle magazine in a monthly video format, where crew will ultimately be responsible for developing stories ideas, script-writing, producing and presenting on topics that are of interest to them.
  • Additional benefits – These include extension of some layovers and at new destinations, and organising outings, including one to Ocean Park in Hong Kong for over 2,000 cabin crew and 4,000 of their family and friends.

This year, a new General Manager position was created in the CX Inflight Services Department alongside the existing General Manager Inflight Services, in order to dedicate more resources specifically to look after the cabin crew community and to provide oversight of this area at senior management level.

A Cabin Crew Engagement Survey will be conducted with all crew around the world in 2012 to gather views, feedback and ideas on how the company can enhance relations, engagement and service offer.

The launch of Dragon TV in 2011, which appears as quarterly episodes on the Dragonair intranet, opened up a new channel of communication with Dragonair crew members.

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