Staff Engagement Activities

As a long-standing corporate member of WWF-Hong Kong, we demonstrated our continued support by participating in their annual Earth Hour campaign and co-organising awareness-raising activities for staff on biodiversity and conservation.

Our staff also experienced basic field research, through which they had the opportunity to understand the relationship between climate change and biodiversity during a field visit organised by the Earthwatch Institute and supported by the Hong Kong Birdwatching Society. Through these activities, they were able to contribute to studies in Hong Kong by collecting vegetation data in Tai Po Kau Nature Reserve.

Sixty-two Cathay Pacific staff with their family members and partners volunteered in this year’s International Coastal Cleanup Campaign, an Ocean Conservancy initiative managed in Hong Kong by the Green Council. The project collects and records the types of waste and debris along our coastline and serves to identify the major sources of debris and activities that contribute to beach waste. The resultant information will be used to raise awareness among the public, businesses and the government, with the aim of arriving at solutions. Approximately 1,000 kg of waste, including plastic bags, beverage bottles, shoes, and even a personal computer monitor case, were collected from two beaches on Lantau Island.

World Cafe Vision Day

A Vision Day was held at a resort at Lonavla for our Mumbai Cathay Pacific and Dragonair staff. After a day of outdoor and team building activities, staff embarked upon a 'World Café' brainstorm session and shared ideas on how to accomplish our mission statements in order to achieve our vision of being the 'world’s best airline'. Over the five days, many innovative ideas emerged which will be consolidated and further developed into action proposals.

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