Contributing to the Hong Kong Community

As local neighbours to our airport community in Hong Kong, we are dedicated to serving the Tung Chung community through many of our activities. Some highlights from 2011 included our continued partnership with the Neighbourhood Advice Action Council, Tung Chung Integrated Services Centre, on the initiatives below:

Visit to the elderly

More than 40 CX Volunteers spent a Saturday morning before the Chinese New Year visiting households of underprivileged elderly at the Yat Tung Estate in Tung Chung. The volunteers helped the elderly with basic cleaning and decorated their homes with festive Chinese calligraphy (Fai Chun) as well as distributing special Chinese New Year packs containing food and CX souvenirs.

Christmas party for children

Twenty one CX Volunteers showed 37 Tung Chung primary school students around CX City before leading them in games and carols, with Santa Claus appearing to distribute presents to the children.

Other community initiatives in 2011 included:

Recycling our PC assets

Cathay Pacific joined with Caritas Hong Kong to organize the 'Recycled Computer Donation Campaign for Students'. The programme is aimed at recycling the airline’s computers and helping students from the Yau Tsim Mong District in Hong Kong.

CX launched a programme in early 2011 to replace or upgrade all its computers, with a total of 4,600 personal computers being replaced in Hong Kong. From the start, the programme’s intention was to find a partner to reuse or recycle the computers.

Cathay Pacific also pledged to donate HK$300,000 to sponsor free recycled computers for 300 students. Each recycled computer set came with a central processing unit and a 15 inch monitor, and had basic computer software installed. Caritas also provided a one-year warranty service for each computer. Members from the CX Volunteers team joined the distribution day to help distribute the computers and run workshops for the 300 student beneficiaries. Computers that could not be repaired were dismantled and sent for recycling.

Our subsidiary, HAS, also donated approximately 50 pieces of computer equipment to Caritas through the same scheme, whilst the Amsterdam team donated their old PCs to the Eigenwijks Foundation.

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