Progress on 2011 Actions and 2012 Agenda
Commitments Progress What we did in 2011
Renovate and update the Airbus mock-up such that the product environment enables upgrading of our training quality. Ongoing The Airbus mock-up, which has been in use since 1998, is being renovated in preparation for the delivery of the new Airbus 350 aircraft. These will be ready for use in training by mid-2012.
Provide CISM training for HKIA frontline airport staff. Ongoing
Raise awareness amongst staff on work stress management. Ongoing
Launch the new B777 mock up at the Training and Development Centre (TDC) to enhance induction training. Completed A new Boeing 777 aircraft mock up was built at the Training and Development Centre at CX City.
Utilise different channels to communicate the Sustainable Development Strategy. Ongoing Engagement plan has been drawn up and is being implemented from 2012.
Measure and evaluate the outcomes of our community involvement using established models. Completed To evaluate the effectiveness of the English On Air programme, we have devised a scorecard with reference to the London Benchmarking Group model.

Agenda for 2012

  • Add new PEY to mock up for training
  • Conduct Cabin Crew Engagement Survey/Connect Survey in 2012
  • Roll out a series of staff engagement activities on sustainability, including a themed ideas competition
  • Evaluate the English on Air programme on a full academic year basis
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