A Joint Message from the Chairman and the Chief Executive

The Sustainability Challenge at Cathay Pacific

Sustainability is integral to the success and long-term viability of Cathay Pacific Airways. As an airline, we can only remain profitable in a thriving economy which sustainably provides for the communities that support our business. Finding ways to minimise any negative impact on the health of the societies and environment in which we operate has therefore become a priority.

We believe that for real sustainability to be achieved at Cathay Pacific, it has to be fully integrated into our business strategy. To this end, we have been formulating our Sustainable Development Strategy over the last two years. In 2011, we identified five areas where we believe we should focus our efforts in addressing sustainability: flights, customers, staff and the community, infrastructure and the supply chain. These areas are all integral to the running of our business and the structure of this year’s Sustainable Development report reflects these priorities.

One of our biggest challenges is the cyclical and volatile nature of the aviation industry where, more often than not, we need to focus on immediate issues such as rising fuel prices, operational disruptions, economic downturns, natural disasters - or even social unrest.  Our industry currently faces testing times and some of these issues are highlighted in the Overview of 2011 section. But while we need to take a pragmatic approach to dealing with these problems in the short term, it is vital that our overarching strategy for the airline reflects a clear focus on the longer term picture. In order to excel, we need to anticipate and provide for the changing needs of our customers, staff and business partners, honour our commitments to the environment and to the wider community and ensure we have the right tools and resources to grow our business for the future.

Whilst it has not always been a simple matter to find environmentally sound solutions that are both operationally and economically feasible, the continuing quest to do so has provided new opportunities for innovation and lateral thinking. Through the resourcefulness, creativity and dedication of our staff and with the cooperation of our business partners, we have been able to build the case for adopting many of these initiatives - some small, some more significant – and they are now adding value to the business, as well as bringing positive benefits to the community and environment.

We have not yet found the most effective solutions to all the challenges we face today, but we remain confident that we can – and indeed we must – do so. In the meantime, we will continue to plan for the future, to concentrate on attaining the best possible outcomes for our stakeholders and to strive for operational excellence in everything we do, in order to achieve our vision of being the world’s best airline.

Sustainability is a journey and we are committed to it for the long haul; we realise that this path will not always be easy, but we know that it is the right one.

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