Progress on 2011 Actions
Commitments Progress What we did in 2011
Continue to monitor the issues raised by stakeholders since 2007, and incorporate them into our future plans where appropriate. Ongoing

We engaged with staff at three of our outport bases (with one ground staff and one cabin crew group at each outport respectively) including Bangkok, London and Vancouver; corporate customers and investors; suppliers; and environmental and social NGOs based outside of Hong Kong.

Focus groups or individual interviews were facilitated by an independent organisation guaranteeing anonymity to ensure impartiality and enable respondents to speak frankly.

Develop a longer term Stakeholder Engagement strategy. Completed We have developed a further five-year stakeholder engagement plan to ensure we systematically engage with a range of interest groups on a regular basis, at least once every two years.
Roll out the Sustainable Development Strategy within the company and develop medium to long term commitments for specific departments. Ongoing Throughout 2011, we worked closely with key departments business units and subsidiaries to develop action plans under this strategy, each of which relates back to one of the Priority Areas, to be implemented in the coming five to 10 years up to 2020.
Communicate non-GHG targets to staff and develop a strategy to achieve these targets. Ongoing Targets are being developed under the SD Strategy
Provide training to improve staff awareness of our company’s corporate sustainability efforts and targets, and engage them to play a role in these initiatives. Ongoing This will form part of our Internal staff engagement plan to be rolled out in 2012.
Expand the Sustainable Development Report scope to include additional environmental metrics. Ongoing
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