Waste Management and Recycling

The Cathay Pacific Group recycles a range of materials in its offices, including paper, plastic, metal, aluminium cans, printer cartridges, waste lubrication oil and garment hangers. Detailed data can be found in our Environmental Indicators Table.

CPCS prepares an average of 60,000 meals per day. In the food preparation process, food waste is unavoidably created every day. As part of an ongoing programme, CPCS gives food offcuts to a pig farm in Hong Kong. This helps reduce the amount of food waste sent to landfill by up to 500 kg per day.

Vogue Laundry uses 2.5 million garment hangers every year. There continues to be a successful rate of reuse through our rebate programme with private and corporate customers who returned their hangers, which was at 61.4% in 2011. This is a slight drop from 64.6% in 2010, but this was due to a change in the hanger design in order to suit our machine configurations.

On the fuel side, in 2011, seven minor fuel spill incidents were reported to the regulators, including five cases in Hong Kong and two at outports. Minor fuel spills are those where less than 20 litres of fuel was involved or covering an area less than five square metres.

Cathay Pacific City recycling data (2011)
  • Paper and cardboard: 239,823 kg
  • Aluminium cans: 810 kg
  • Plastic: 1,559 kg
  • Waste lubrication oil: 4,000 litres
  • Printer cartridges: 1,381 pieces
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