In Our Offices

We continue to make progress on sourcing sustainable materials for our products. This year, all regular marketing collateral distributed from Hong Kong, as well as a number of internal newsletters, were printed on Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) paper. Further information can be found in our previous reports, and has been summarised here.

Migration to electronic means of communication has also facilitated the reduction in paper consumption in many areas. This has happened in a number of ways within the Group in 2011:

The revamp of Cathay Pacific Holidays’ intranet has reduced the amount of paper used for printing forms and distributing internal announcements. They have also begun switching over to an advanced booking system, NABS, for air and hotel travel products, which can be linked up with the upcoming new Cathay Pacific passenger service system (PSS). NABS will facilitate online booking, automatically generate confirmation and tickets via email, and thus eliminating the need to send out paper documentation in information packs.

At HAS, from 2011, all operational and corporate manuals, company notices and forms were moved to an electronic library on its intranet, and all payslips were also distributed electronically.

At Cathay Pacific, following consultation with our cabin crew and a review of how Service and Quick Reference Guides were distributed, we have started moving some of these documents and updates online, with a view to ultimately removing hardcopies from circulation.

We have also been exploring the use of alternative materials for our plastic bags. In 2010, Vogue initiated a switch to biodegradeable plastic carrier bags, a process which was successfully completed in 2011.

Use of sustainable paper sources

Mixed source FSC certified paper Recycled paper
  • CPCS customer newsletter 'Food for Thought' (2010)
  • All paper marketing collaterals (2010)
  • Calendars and diaries (2010)
  • Sales marketing leaflets (2010)
  • Copying and printing paper at CX, KA, CX Holidays and HAS offices (2010-2011)
  • Cathay Pacific monthly staff newsletter 'CX World'
  • Dragonair monthly staff newsletter 'Dragonews'
  • Cabin Crew Newsletter
  • Meal tray cards (2010)
  • Safety cards on all aircraft (2011)
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