Hong Kong International Airport Expansion Plan

The Airport Authority Hong Kong released its 20-year development blueprint for Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) ('Master Plan 2030') to solicit stakeholder and public feedback on the airport's future development direction over a three-month consultation period, including the construction of a third runway.

Cathay Pacific supports the plans and believes that expansion of the Hong Kong airport is important to the sustainability of the Hong Kong economy and to ensure the long-term competitiveness of our home hub.

“Connectivity with the rest of the world has made Hong Kong what it is today so we must be clear on how we can maintain and grow these linkages for tomorrow.”

John Slosar, CEO

While we acknowledge that aviation has an impact on the environment and climate change, the industry is working to ensure that we are also part of the solution in its commitment to achieve sustainable long-term growth, reduce its environmental impact whilst continuing to generate significant benefits for societies, tourism, world trade and economies.

Under the Hong Kong Airport Authority’s Carbon Reduction Programme, over 40 business partners around the airport community pledged to reduce airport-wide carbon emissions by 25% per workload unit by 2015 from 2008 levels (where one workload unit is equal to one passenger or 100kg of cargo).

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