Progress on 2011 Actions and 2012 Agenda
Commitments Progress What we did in 2011
Implement ground-based GHG emissions reduction targets. Ongoing Targets will be rolled out in the coming year.
HAS to implement a GSE Replacement Programme. Ongoing In line with its vehicle replacement plan, HAS replaced four crew shuttle buses with Euro V standard vehicles in 2011. It is anticipated that phasing out of all pre-Euro and Euro I cars in the fleet will be completed by 2012 when the remaining four pre-Euro and Euro I vehicles still in service are replaced. In total, 25% of its 533-strong fleet now comprise lower emission vehicles that meet higher standards, including 10 Euro IV, seven Euro V vehicles and 136 electric ground support equipment (GSE)/vehicles.
HAS to phase out all pre-Euro and Euro I vehicles in the fleet. Ongoing
Vogue Laundry to install a new flash steam recovery system to recover waste steam for use by the boiler to generate hot water. This will achieve 5% saving in boiler fuel use. Deferred
CPCS to replace fluid cooler coil for the blast chiller. Completed Air cool condensers in the blast chillers were replaced by more energy efficient water cool condensers at CPCS. This saved 82,080 kW between September and December.
CPCS to install a solar heater for preheating boiler water. Deferred
Explore alternatives of more sustainable materials for inflight products. Ongoing

For instance, we introduced the use of a more sustainable material (corn starch) for the toothbrush and shoe horn presented in our business and first class customer amenity kits.

Since last year, we have been serving fish from sustainable sources, such as those that are Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified, in Economy class on all flights from our European ports.

Develop a chemicals plan to help different departments understand the health and environmental impacts of the chemicals they use in their operations. Ongoing

Agenda for 2012

  • Detailed energy audit to be carried out
  • Provided refresher environmental training to property management staff
  • PEY amenity kit will be on RPET
  • HAS to replace remaining four pre-Euro and Euro 1 vehicles in 2012
  • Installation and operation of the posi-charger
  • CXWorld to be hosted on an interactive electronic site
  • Vogue to phase out all pre-Euro I and Euro I trucks in the fleet
  • CPCS to implement further energy saving projects
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