Listening and Responding to Our Customers

Detailed customer satisfaction surveys are undertaken daily on Cathay Pacific and Dragonair flights in all classes to help us understand passengers' ratings and satisfaction on different aspects of their travel experience with us. We collect around 30,000 of these responses per month. We also have tailor-made questionnaires on specific research, such as on the design and environment of our new business class cabins, and the spaciousness and privacy of the new seats. In addition, customer focus groups are held quarterly specifically to sound out and receive feedback on concepts that are in the developmental stages. The inclusion of full series of television dramas on the Inflight Entertainment System (IFE) is one outcome of such feedback.

Responding to feedback on our Business Class product

Cathay Pacific’s new Business Class, which entered into service in March 2011, is the result of over a year’s intensive and iterative design process. This involved input from the airline’s Marco Polo Club members, our most frequent flyers, many of whom shared with us invaluable feedback through three successive rounds of mock-up testing on key elements of the seat design and packaging, including functionality, spatial optimisation and stowage space. This effort has resulted in a product where every aspect has been thoughtfully designed around passengers’ needs.

The new product received positive feedback from passengers who have experienced the new product, with 95% of respondents saying the seat either met or exceeded their expectations. Passengers appreciate the improvements in terms of comfort, personal space, storage space, layout and the contemporary design.

“We incorporated passenger feedback at every stage in the product’s development, from initial concept sketches to full-scale prototypes. We’re very happy that the end result has been so well received.”

Alex McGowan
General Manager Product

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