Communicating Sustainability to Our Customers

Check out our inflight video under ‘Infomercial’ from May 2012

At Cathay Pacific, we utilise different channels to communicate and engage with our customers on a range of sustainable development issues, to help them understand the challenges we are facing as an industry. In particular, we have been sharing some of the challenges in addressing our environmental impacts, especially climate change, and the approaches and solutions that are being employed, not only as an airline, but also industry-wide. This is commonly done via articles and news items published in our inflight magazines, Discovery and The Club. As an additional and more engaging way of communicating with our customers, we produced a video that introduces Cathay Pacific’s sustainability programmes on, for example, fuel efficiency performance, fleet modernisation, waste and resource use, which is available for inflight viewing.

This year, we have been educating our customers proactively, especially our frequent flyers, on carbon offsetting through our FLY greener scheme. In June 2011, we launched a partnership with Swire Hotels and added a new benefit for members of the Marco Polo Club, our most loyal and valued passengers. Under the agreement, Swire Hotels will participate in FLY greener to help eligible members of the Marco Polo Club offset their carbon emissions from air travel on a Cathay Pacific or Dragonair flight. This new initiative makes it easier for members of the Marco Polo Club to reduce their personal carbon footprints.

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