Service Recovery

Service failures are often an unavoidable part of the travel experience but our customers tell us that they understand things may go wrong as long as we take steps to quickly recover. In 2011, we introduced an initiative to all our frontline teams to ensure that all service failures are proactively resolved on the spot, and through this, we want our customers to remember more about how we recovered than the actual service failure. Our aim is to enhance the experience for our customers and our frontline teams, as well as improving on our service.

Shining in the Dark

The Delhi Airport Team in India was faced with a complete power failure at Terminal 3 on 7 August 2011, when immigration, security, the baggage handling system, counters and the aerobridge were all shut down. The blackout happened five minutes before flight CX695 from Hong Kong was due to land. Passengers disembarked using the step ladder, and took three hours to clear customs.

As the baggage handling system was out of service, the CX Team took special permission to deliver all passenger baggage to their homes, and stayed for long hours to ensure prompt dispatch. As Cathay Pacific was the only airline to offer this service, it was highly appreciated by passengers. For those passengers waiting to depart, the team ordered drinks and snacks, especially for the elderly and passengers with children, as all food outlets at the airport were closed due to the electricity failure.

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