Getting It Right When Things Go Wrong

We aim to handle disruptions in an effective and timely manner. We have a robust emergency response system designed to manage and support service disruptions or major incidents when they occur during our operations. Below are some of the initiatives which were undertaken or enhanced in 2011.

Flight Disruption Control System

A typhoon simulation exercise was conducted in April 2011 to test the Flight Disruption Control System and the Flight Disruption Control Centre. The system is effective in providing a holistic view of airport passenger handling constraints during disruption. It gives an idea of the ports that require assistance and which will receive priority when flights start operating again. Our aim is to continually improve on timely communication of accurate and relevant information to and from the outports, and be better prepared for disruptions. This preparedness, readiness and handling of disruptions are essential for everyone who is involved in serving our customers.

Customer & Commercial Control Team

Our new Customer & Commercial Control (CCC) team was created to provide a coordinated response during disruptions, helping to better manage customers' experience. They also provide support and consistency across the network and outports. Whereas the Integrated Operations Centre (IOC) tends to look at operational issues like crew rostering, engineering and flight planning, the CCC is dedicated to focussing on the passenger experience, such as passenger protection and hotel arrangements.

"The team played a key coordination role during the London and New York snowstorms toward the end of 2010 and early 2011."

Anson Chan
Operations Manager – Customer & Commercial Control

Recognising service beyond the call of duty

This year, 19 staff from Cathay Pacific and Dragonair plus seven teams were presented with the Group's highest service recognition at the annual Betsy Awards. Top award winner London Passenger Services Officer (Flight Controller) Meilu Li helped a young passenger by volunteering to translate between the passenger and the doctor, even though she was due to finish her shift. She also kept in touch with the passenger's father in Hong Kong and sister in Manchester before the passenger has reached his destination.

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