Emergencies Management

Our Crisis Management Centre is prepared to handle any emergency or accident involving our aircraft anywhere around the world, should the need arise. In such situations, our Emergency Plan takes immediate effect and triggers the assembling of the Crisis Management Team. This activates our central telephone enquiry centre, the Cathay Emergency Passenger Information Centre (CEPIC), where phone lines are on standby 24 hours to link up calls from any of our outports. These can be accessed toll-free by the public to ensure information is disseminated immediately to passengers and their families involved in the incidents.

Our volunteers from the Care Team are also on hand to offer humanitarian support to our passengers and their families during and after a crisis, including making travel arrangements, accommodation, financial and referral services. Approximately 500 volunteers were added to the CARE Team this year making a total of 1,200 members worldwide, taking advantage of the many languages and cultures in our system. Before being certified, each team member receives two days of intensive training, which is led by the company staff psychologist and emergency response specialists.

All ports in the Group participated in a crash simulation exercise in the last 18 months ending in 2011, testing their local response and the corporate response to an accident.

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