Stakeholder Review Committee

This is the third year we have invited a committee of experts to review the materiality, balance and coverage of our report. They convened twice by meeting or by conference call to review a detailed framework of the report and the draft text respectively.

The Committee provided feedback on the initial framework for the 2011 Sustainable Development Report. The Committee considered:

  • The appropriate coverage of issues and the materiality of those issues for Cathay Pacific and its stakeholders
  • The responsiveness of the report in terms of addressing stakeholder's concerns
  • Improvements that Cathay Pacific could make in this and future reports

Subsequently, the Committee provided feedback on the draft of the 2011 Sustainable Development Report. It reviewed content and style, and provided feedback on the strengths, weaknesses and omissions in each section of the report.

Committee for the 2011 report:

Ms. Rachel Fleishman
Climate Change Business Forum

Dr. Glenn Frommer
Chief Sustainable Development Manager,
Mass Transit Railway Corporation

Mr. James Goodman
Deputy Director,
Systems Innovation, Forum for the Future

Mr. Rod Munro
General Manager,
Novotel Hotels Hong Kong

Mr. Peter Witton
Director of Communications,
Habitat for Humanity International

We would like to express our appreciation to the Committee for their time and invaluable feedback on our report.


We welcome the consultative and participative process through which Cathay Pacific is developing its report. Involving a Stakeholder Review Committee in the sustainability reporting process is a relatively new approach in Hong Kong and Cathay Pacific is commended for initiating the process.

Cathay Pacific has been proactive in addressing Committee views and concerns and we saw a significant improvement in the document from the first to the second review. We expect Cathay Pacific will continue to enhance this process in future years, ensuring Committee comments are utilised to improve the quality of reporting process.

The report demonstrates openness and integrity. The emphasis on materiality, the provision of useful data, quotes from senior management and details of the stakeholder engagement process all contribute to a report that is of a good quality. We do not expect companies to have all the answers to the concerns of their stakeholders, but we do expect them to acknowledge the issues objectively and constructively, to state their beliefs and their strategy, and maintain consistency within the report. In our view Cathay Pacific has achieved these objectives.

Cathay Pacific's climate change commitment, in line with the IATA targets, is particularly notable. The approach to climate change as set out in the report and the measures taken to mitigate expected impacts are robust. It is appropriate to acknowledgement aviation's contribution to climate change. For the future it will be important to provide clear data about aviation's share of global emissions, their impacts on climate change and relevant mitigation measures as air traffic increases substantially.

For future reports, we would recommend that Cathay Pacific focuses more on the way that their sustainability strategy has developed, presenting the measurements, goals and progress being made. The Committee would like to see further information relating to:

  • Cathay Pacific's vision of a sustainable commercial aviation company and the key goals to realise this vision
  • Defining the material sustainable development risks for Cathay Pacific
  • Benchmarking Cathay Pacific's health and safety performance against other industry players
  • The implementation of the Supplier Code of Conduct
  • A more focussed and strategic approach to community investment and the measurement of the impacts that Cathay Pacific programmes have had on local communities
  • The involvement of staff in sustainability initiatives
  • The contribution of the important constituent businesses in attaining goals and addressing risks

Overall, the Committee is of the view that Cathay Pacific is to be congratulated for going through a process of stakeholder engagement during the writing of the report.

The views expressed here are based on individual perceptions and do not necessarily represent those of their respective organisations.

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