Welcome to our third Sustainable Development Report, which covers our sustainability performance – both achievements and challenges in 2011.

A summary brochure in both English and Chinese has been published together with this online report. These are downloadable from the report website.

Why we report

Our reporting has evolved since 1996, the first year we launched our Environmental Report, but our commitment to transparency and accountability remains unchanged.

We publish our Sustainable Development Report yearly to:

  • Disclose our sustainability performance in a transparent, accountable and clear manner;
  • Engage with our stakeholders on sustainability issues that are material to our business so we can address them effectively and appropriately; and
  • Discuss the challenges and setbacks we face as a company in progressing along this sustainable journey so we may learn how to overcome them.

Report scope

Our annual Sustainable Development Report covers the Cathay Pacific Group: Cathay Pacific Airways, Dragonair, Air Hong Kong and four other 100% owned subsidiaries based in Hong Kong.

As with last year, we report the energy consumption and greenhouse gas data from four outports (Auckland, Taipei, Manila and San Francisco) and non-GHG data from five outports (Frankfurt, Paris, Karachi, Kuala Lumpur and Sydney). We also continue to work with our other outports on data collection.

This report covers the 2011 calendar year.

How we report

The content of this report has been defined by a process of:

  • internal and external stakeholder engagement led by an external, independent facilitator;
  • identification of priority areas set out by aviation industry associations and the use of a materiality matrix;
  • reference to the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) 2011 reporting framework (version G3.1) and the AA1000 Accountability standard; and
  • benchmarking against other airlines.

Measuring our performance

We have included commitments in most areas of this Report. It is essential for us to monitor our performance so that we can enhance initiatives throughout our operations to better manage our key sustainability impacts.

Data collection and calculation process

This is the third year we are collecting data from our subsidiaries and a number of our outports. The general approach is to request data owners to confirm the accuracy of their data either through documentary evidence or past operational performance. The Environmental Affairs Department checks for any material errors and approves the data. We recognise the need to continually improve on this process to ensure our data collection and calculation process is robust.

Views on our report

We invited a multi-stakeholder committee to review and assess the balance, completeness and responsiveness of this Report. The Stakeholder Review Committee page shows the key comments from our external panel.

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