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We Put Safety First

At the core of our organisational culture is a 'safety comes first' philosophy which forms the basis of all of our activities. Our primary goal is zero accidents and injuries. Cathay Pacific and Dragonair share the same goals and this is demonstrated by the adoption and implementation of similar safety policies and procedures.

Key issues raised by stakeholders on Safety
Aircraft safety for passengers and staff. Staff health and safety. Emergency response. Health pandemic response.
Passenger safety

In 2010, Cathay Pacific flew over 26.8 million passengers. There were zero passenger fatalities and zero serious injuries to any passenger.

When any cabin product is introduced into the aircraft, we are required to obtain certification from relevant authorities to ensure compliance with the appropriate standards. We conduct our own risk assessments of new cabin products, where we may have even more stringent requirements than those of government regulators. We also perform regular maintenance to ensure continuous airworthiness as part of the industry regulations.

All Cathay Pacific flight crew are able to call upon aroundthe-clock medical assistance through the use of the Medlink system. This system ensures that, regardless of where an aircraft may be flying, there is always a medical specialist that can be contacted in flight to assist with the diagnosis and treatment of any passenger or crew illness. All crew are trained in cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR), and we also carry automated external defibrillators (AEDs) on all our aircraft, which all crew are trained to use.