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We Put Safety First

At the core of our organisational culture is a 'safety comes first' philosophy which forms the basis of all of our activities. Our primary goal is zero accidents and injuries. Cathay Pacific and Dragonair share the same goals and this is demonstrated by the adoption and implementation of similar safety policies and procedures.

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Fatigue Risk Mangement System

Long haul operations and flying across multiple time zones can be fatiguing for crew. Managing fatigue risk is an important part of our Safety Management System (SMS). Fatigue risk is managed by our Fatigue Risk Management System (FRMS), which was one of the major safety-related projects launched in 2010. The FRMS forms an integral part of the SMS, and helps Cathay Pacific and its pilots better manage any fatigue-related risks through education and training of crew and staff and the more effective management of pilot rostering. Our FRMS is a proactive, evidence-based, data-driven system used to continuously monitor and control fatigue risk to a level that is 'As Low As Reasonably Practical (ALARP)'. In line with our policy for continual improvement, we have developed and introduced the FRMS ahead of the industry mandate that will be issued by the regulatory authorities sometime in the future. At the end of 2010, we carried out a fatigue survey over a twomonth period with all pilots from all sectors, and which attracted an 83% response rate. This information is being analysed by an industry expert and we will report on these findings in the next report.

FRMS Policy

This Policy is undersigned by the Chief Executive, and states that:
Cathay Pacific will measure, mitigate and manage the risks associated with fatigue. The FRMS will provide a mechanism by which appropriate measures, supporting procedures and training ensure that employees are not subjected to unacceptable levels of work related fatigue. Employees have an obligation to minimize fatigue so that they are fit for duty, and shall not perform any duty if they consider their fatigue level to be unacceptable. Employees who report excessive fatigue will be handled in accordance with the Cathay Pacific just reporting culture.