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We Put Safety First

At the core of our organisational culture is a 'safety comes first' philosophy which forms the basis of all of our activities. Our primary goal is zero accidents and injuries. Cathay Pacific and Dragonair share the same goals and this is demonstrated by the adoption and implementation of similar safety policies and procedures.

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Aircraft safety for passengers and staff. Staff health and safety. Emergency response. Health pandemic response.
Alcohol & Other Drugs Policy

We are fully committed to providing a safe, secure and healthy workplace for our staff. Every staff member has a responsibility to ensure that they are fit when reporting for duty and that they can perform their duties safely. They are required to not be under the effects of alcohol or drugs to such an extent as to impair their capacity to fulfil their inherent job requirements. The goal of our Alcohol and Other Drugs Policy and Programme is to promote a culture which opposes misuse of alcohol and other drugs whilst at work. The programme is composed of the following key elements - communication, education, training and support to managers, and testing and rehabilitation. We want to encourage staff to seek help as soon as possible before their drug or alcohol use impacts the workplace or their health.