Growing a Winning Team

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Growing a Winning Team

The work culture of Cathay Pacific is team-based, and this dynamic team is one of our greatest strengths. We strongly believe in investing in our staff, developing their talents and building their careers, helping them grow in capability and responsibility throughout their time with us.

We are committed to giving everyone the chance to realise their dreams and achieve their full potential, because we know that the investment we make in our people is the best investment we will ever make.

Key issues raised by stakeholders on our Staff
Treatment and welfare of staff. Working conditions. Working hours. Professional development. Work-life balance and flexibility. Communication channels.
Managing a diverse, mobile workforce

Managing labour arrangements to the satisfaction of all is a significant challenge for a business with a highly diverse and international workforce with different personal circumstances and backgrounds.

We engage in a multitude of labour union relationships in Hong Kong and across all of our outports, many of which have mandatory union recognition legislation, such as in Canada and Australia. One of the key challenges is managing pilots and cabin crew whose contractual terms and conditions vary. We are committed to engaging with our staff and resolving issues in the most appropriate manner. Industrial relations have been challenging, nevertheless, all parties have been making ongoing efforts to strengthen consultation and communication.

Our diverse workforce

For Cathay Pacific alone, excluding our subsidiary companies, our staff population has increased from 1,577 in 1968 to the current team of 19,141 across the world, of which around 9,700 are cabin crew recruited from 14 territories and who come from different generations and nationalities. We have around 3,000 pilots from 42 nationalities, predominantly from Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.