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Growing a Winning Team

The work culture of Cathay Pacific is team-based, and this dynamic team is one of our greatest strengths. We strongly believe in investing in our staff, developing their talents and building their careers, helping them grow in capability and responsibility throughout their time with us.

We are committed to giving everyone the chance to realise their dreams and achieve their full potential, because we know that the investment we make in our people is the best investment we will ever make.

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Retaining talent

We value the long-term commitment our staff makes to provide excellent service, especially during difficult financial conditions. We believe we have a 'family-oriented' culture and encourage staff to see the long-term value of working with us. We are pleased that in 2010, the company was able to offer special ex-gratia payment to employees who participated in cost-saving schemes and initiatives during the challenging period in 2009, in recognition of their continued support for the Company, and thus successfully helping the airline get through a difficult period.

Staff breakdown based on number of years of service (2010)
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Employee benefits

We offer a comprehensive and flexible package of staff benefits, RightChoice, designed to promote a better life quality for staff and their families. A dedicated onsite Benefits Services Centre caters for all Hong Kong-based staff benefits information needs.

Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)

The Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) provides free, confidential and professional advice, counselling and information for personal relationships, emotional disturbances such as stress, or work-related concerns. This includes a one-time free access to financial and legal consultation available for staff and their eligible dependents, in Hong Kong and all outports. The EAP is an integral part of the company's duty of care in managing critical/traumatic incidents at work, such as assaults, deaths, inflight incidents, natural disasters and terrorist attacks, by preventing long-term negative consequences. Additional services include preparation for retirement, job transition, alcohol check-up and a helpline for managers and supervisors. In 2010, the EAP introduced a new web-based resource consisting of information on health issues, and contains computer-based training for coping with mental health issues such as depression.

Realising staff potential - even outside of work

Cathay Pacific recognises that our business is closely linked to the community in Hong Kong and the broader Asian region. We therefore actively encourage staff who wish to pursue and volunteer in worthwhile initiatives and/or align their work commitments with their personal interests where possible and are always extremely proud of their passion, skills and efforts, whether through corporately organised events or individual interests.

Cynthia Yung Customer Sales Officer

A balanced act

Ever since Cynthia joined the Cathay Pacific Tai Chi class in 2003, her patience has improved, and she has found it helped immensely when dealing with customers. "Tai Chi teaches one to assess a situation objectively, and decide whether to press forward or hang back and observe." She has been inspired by her 'si fu' (master)'s devotion, focus and commitment. "It is a very spiritual activity where the physical body needs to be in sync with your emotions. You also need to be highly aware of what the other team members are doing in order to synchronise with everyone's actions and rhythms." She represents Cathay Pacific at the annual Tai Chi Open and has won several team honours over the years. "I have learnt to persevere by making a habit of practicing regularly and not giving up."

Captain Kevin Tate

Racing to new heights

Captain Kevin Tate from Dragonair completed the 250 Race the Planet Extreme Marathon across the Atacama Desert, Chile. Proceeds went to the Freedom Care project run by the Buddhist Child Home, which aims to improve the lives of orphans in Nepal. His long-term commitment to this project includes helping with the children's homework. Kevin says that being with people less privileged than himself gives him his positive attitude to life and work.

Dennis Owen Vice President Marketing, Americas (based in San Francisco)

The rewards of giving

5 March 2001 was a day that changed Dennis' life. "This was when my wife and I adopted a baby girl from Vietnam. It changed my outlook on helping others in need and I decided I could make a difference." Dennis was deeply moved by what he saw at the Hanoi orphanage, and began bringing over baby and children's clothing, vitamins and medicine.

Being an employee of Cathay Pacific made these trips that much easier, and one of the most enjoyable parts has been gradually influencing colleagues who also started volunteering their time, money and effort at orphan homes in Cambodia, Indonesia and China. Some of the homes that Dennis and his team go to focus on special needs children.

"It didn't matter if they were missing an arm or had other physical limitations. They wanted to play hard, just like any kid!" Visits are always exhausting but extremely rewarding, as Dennis has learned that by giving, one gets so much more in return.