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Growing a Winning Team

The work culture of Cathay Pacific is team-based, and this dynamic team is one of our greatest strengths. We strongly believe in investing in our staff, developing their talents and building their careers, helping them grow in capability and responsibility throughout their time with us.

We are committed to giving everyone the chance to realise their dreams and achieve their full potential, because we know that the investment we make in our people is the best investment we will ever make.

Key issues raised by stakeholders on our Staff
Treatment and welfare of staff. Working conditions. Working hours. Professional development. Work-life balance and flexibility. Communication channels.
Employee relations and engagement

Engaging with our staff is important to our business success. There are a number of engagement channels with different staff groups at different levels, including Hong Kong and outport ground staff and managers, airport staff, cabin crew, flight crew and specific departmental staff such as cargo, information technology and engineering.

In addition to our intranet sites, 'IntraCX' and 'Dragonet', which can be accessed by all respective staff groups, other communication tools include regular newsletters, briefings, notices, unions/ associations, consultative committees, forums and other media such as magazines, videos and online social media, covering a wide range of topics. These channels are important in providing updates and collecting staff feedback on the issues that affect them.

In 2010, our Anti-harassment, Corporate Code of Conduct and Compensation Policies were revised in a consultative process with employees.

Organisational Alignment Survey

    A staff survey is conducted approximately every 18 months, with the last one held in 2009, and looks at:
  • The clarity and effectiveness of our vision, missions and strategies;
  • How well our structures, systems and processes support the vision, missions and strategies; and
  • To what extent is there a mutual sense of commitment between the company and its people.
    Over 120 questions were included and the results in 2009 were encouraging. It showed we have improved on every dimension, particularly around the following areas of people management and sustainability awareness:
  • effective plans for developing and retaining our staff;
  • effective processes in dealing with workplace concerns;
  • commitment to maximising the potential of each person;
  • commitment to being environmentally responsible; and
  • contributing positively to the wider community.

The results from this survey provide us with a snapshot of what is working well, and where the issues, opportunities and challenges lie. It helps us build an ongoing agenda for change and improvement.

Staff baseline Sustainability Survey

We commenced a survey in 2009 amongst our staff in Hong Kong and three other regions worldwide (Asia-Pacific, Europe and North America), which was concluded in the first half of 2010. The aim was to improve our understanding of staff awareness on sustainability issues, Cathay Pacific's efforts and staff's perception of their role in supporting the airline in addressing these issues.

    A total of 514 of the targeted 17,900 staff responded to the survey (2.9%). In addition to enhancing staff engagement on sustainability in general, the results showed specifically that:
  • staff have differing levels of awareness on sustainability issues;
  • staff generally have a strong willingness to commit to issues such as climate change and community development;
  • most staff see themselves taking a primary role on saving resources and managing waste;
  • some showed willingness to commit to passenger education;
  • most staff do not consider that they are able to play a significant role; and
  • there is an overall relatively low awareness on the concept of stakeholder engagement and what it entails.

In light of these findings, we are planning to enhance staff awareness and participation by providing training opportunities and to encourage them to take a more active role in these issues.

People and Service

Staff based in Hong Kong and most of our major outports were given the opportunity to create their own Cathay Pacific print advertisement using the 'People & Service' campaign, giving them a chance to appear in their own advertisement and highlight what 'Service Straight from the Heart' means to them. The campaign proved immensely popular, and a total of 5,500 staff took part.

"Our brand positioning - what makes Cathay Pacific unique, essentially our people and their ability to deliver recognition to the customer - and its creative expression, have resonated internally across Cathay Pacific." James Ginns, General Manager Marketing & Product.

Our Meet the Team website describes people who deliver Service Straight from the Heart and now holds around 100 staff profiles, which is updated regularly (