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Focus on Customers

We are committed to providing outstanding and sustainable products and services to our customers. We aim to do this by engaging them on sustainability issues, exploring low impact alternatives and adhering to recognised sustainability standards.

Responding to our customers' needs is at the heart of what we do. In 2010, we served 26.8 million passengers located in Hong Kong and over 70 other outports.

Key issues raised by stakeholders on our Customers
Customer service and comfort. Investing in people. Punctuality of flights. Crisis handling and the ability to contact Cathay Pacific/Dragonair/Marco Polo/CX Holidays directly and quickly.
Customer Satisfaction

Our service philosophy - Service Straight From The Heart - has been part of the Cathay Pacific culture for more than a decade. This unique service concept describes our aspiration to deliver an efficient, professional, friendly and caring service that comes with a personal touch.

We aim to respond to the needs of our customers, going the extra mile and providing them with the highest quality service.

Service - going the extra mile

Sixteen staff from both Cathay Pacific and Dragonair were recognised at the annual Betsy Awards ceremony in June 2010. The award recognises extraordinary acts of service to passengers. These staff went the extra mile to help children, the sick or the elderly at the airport or in the air. The overall winner was Senior Purser Sonal Sud who acted as a translator for an elderly couple who needed medical assistance - accompanying them to the hospital and regularly checking on them even when she got home while keeping in touch with the passengers' children on the other side of the world. "I've always wanted all my passengers to feel like I've done everything for them after their flight", said Sonal. All Betsy Award winners receive a medal, a tour of an aircraft manufacturing facility, and a special trip to a Cathay Pacific sponsored community or environmental project.

Listening and responding to our customers

Customer feedback is important and valuable to us. We sample our Cathay Pacific and Dragonair flights daily across all classes through our Reflex Passenger Survey, asking passengers about their travel experience with us, collecting around 30,000 responses per month. The survey is updated annually to align with any product and service changes.

Praise and complaint mechanisms such as comment cards, direct conversations with staff, online feedback forms and independent blogs and social media channels are scrutinised regularly. In 2010, we refined the online system launched in 2009 to channel feedback via our websites into the company. We are also continuing our efforts in enhancing timely responses to customer feedback.

All feedback is analysed and details are forwarded to the relevant departments within the company, which could range from catering, cabin crew, flight crew, engineering, products to airport services, for appropriate action or follow-up.

Engineering a defect-free experience

This year we set ourselves the goal of ensuring that no aircraft leaves Hong Kong with a faulty seat, a toilet malfunction, a faulty inflight entertainment system or any other problems that will spoil a passenger's enjoyment of the flight - so called "Z-ADDs" or Zero Acceptable Deferred Defects.

The project has set in motion the continuous pursuit of cabin reliability, serviceability and cleanliness - all with the aim of ensuring passengers enjoy a comfortable and relaxing journey.

Though driven by our Engineering Department, the defect-free project involves a number of other departments working together to make it happen. Overall, we improved our maintenance performance by 53%.

"Our customers expect nothing less than a defect-free flight and it is also important in assisting our cabin crew in delivering great service."

Chris Gibbs
Director Engineering

Providing a diverse and responsible service

    Our services are designed to take into consideration the diverse cultures and demographics of our passengers.
  • We currently serve 20 types of special meals to cater for medical, religious or dietary requirements, including for babies and young children.
  • We are committed to protecting the data privacy of our customers - we have undertaken appropriate physical, electronic and managerial measures to safeguard and secure the data we collect.
  • We offer discounted tickets to Hong Kong senior citizen residents in November of every year.
  • Our staff are trained to offer wheelchair assistance and other special assistance to passengers.
  • We published articles in the inflight Discovery Magazine about our environmental and social initiatives, and will continue to develop new ways to increase customer awareness.