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What is material to the sustainability of our business?

As part of our aim to report transparently, we began developing a materiality matrix on sustainability issues. This combines the Swire Group approach on identifying stakeholder risk concerns and our own materiality scoring methodology which follows the principles outlined in international standards such as the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and the AA1000APS. The AA1000APS is a standard developed by UK-based AccountAbility that provides a framework for responsive and responsible business strategy on material sustainability issues as raised by stakeholders. Our materiality matrix incorporates stakeholder views we obtained since 2007 to ensure that we constantly review materiality to our business and monitor progress.

In summary, the most significant impacts from our industry to date relate to our use of non-renewable fossil fuels and the consequent emissions of greenhouse gases. Our impacts also extend to other environmental areas such as resource use, and our social responsibilities towards the people we employ, the suppliers we use and the communities in which we operate.