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Environmental Performance

As a responsible business, effectively managing and continuously improving our environmental performance is important to us. It is our commitment to identify the relevant areas for action and reporting by engaging and responding to our stakeholders.

We are developing performance targets for ground activities, including our CO2 emissions, energy efficiency and resource consumption, to help us better manage our carbon and resource use. These targets will be adopted and reported in 2011.

Key issues raised by stakeholders on our Environmental Performance
Overall performance. Inflight waste. Resource efficiency. Air quality and noise impacts. Responsible sourcing.
Partnerships with environmental NGOs

World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

One of our long-standing partnerships has been with WWF, initially in the area of waterbird conservation and more recently in support of their climate change and sustainable sourcing initiatives. As a corporate member, we continue to demonstrate our active support for WWF's Earth Hour campaign. We also encourage staff to participate in awareness raising activities on biodiversity and conservation activities organised by WWF.

The Climate Group

In 2010, our staff participated in The Climate Group's Carbon Reduction Campaign, which encouraged low carbon lifestyle habits, not only in the office but also in their homes. 280 employees monitored their personal energy consumption through various activities and gadgets, using an online calculator. Collectively, Cathay Pacific staff were able to achieve an estimated carbon reduction of 2,892 tonnes. We also work closely with The Climate Group on key initiatives such as the AGD Group and support international events such as the Climate Dialogue, co-hosted by The Climate Group in Hong Kong in November 2010.

The Nature Conservancy

Change for Conservation is Dragonair's major inflight charity fundraising initiative, which supports conservation work in Mainland China run by The Nature Conservancy. As of December 2010, nearly HK$8 million has been raised since December 2004. Funds collected are being used in watershed protection projects and development of fuel alternatives for local residents in Yunnan Province.

Other activities

Cathay Pacific staff participated in the annual coastal beach cleanup, an Ocean Conservancy initiative managed in Hong Kong by the Green Council. The project records the types of waste and debris collected. This data is then compiled and analysed in order to identify the major sources of debris and activities that contribute to the problem of beach waste. The resultant information will be used to raise awareness among the public, businesses, industries and the government, with the hope of finding some long-lasting solutions. Despite poor weather this year, a total of 37 ∆ volunteers participated and collected 36 bags (432 kg) of waste from a beach on Lantau Island.