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Investing in Communities

We continue to support and invest in the Hong Kong community of which we have been a part for more than six decades, through our activities related to aviation, education, health and the environment. In addition, we are actively involved in community initiatives to make a difference at the outport countries wherever we operate. We focus our efforts in those areas near our operations or in projects that matter to us and our stakeholders.

Key issues raised by stakeholders on our Communities
Support for social enterprises. Local engagement. Flexibility and support for staff voluntary work. Reporting on performance data and assessing results of community investment. Be strategic. Adopt best practise models.
Staff volunteering

The CX Volunteers team was set up towards the end of 2007, and by December 2010, more than 815 staff had signed up. CX Volunteers activities to date have been primarily focused on providing social services to the Hong Kong community, including a number of major initiatives near our corporate headquarters in Tung Chung.

Tung Chung community initiatives

    Since relocating to Cathay Pacific City in 1998, we have contributed to the Tung Chung community by helping underprivileged families and children. Two highlights of 2010 include:
  • Anti-drugs Mentorship Programme - A programme organised by a local NGO, where Cathay Pacific volunteers act as mentors to help young people who may be vulnerable to drug abuse develop a healthy and positive attitude towards life. Eight ∆ volunteers participated in the 2010 programme, which benefitted 46 youth.
  • E-Cycle Programme - This is the first year that Cathay Pacific has launched a summer youth programme in relation to the Pedal Kart Grand Prix, a fundraising event organised by the Hong Kong Round Table. Volunteers ran a pedal kart design competition with a series of visits and design workshops to boost youngsters' creativity and team working skills.

Outport Initiatives

Volunteering is a significant component of our social responsibility approach within our outports and there are a host of examples which have taken place across the network, including:

In November 2010, 23 Cathay Pacific staff volunteers from the Delhi office partnered with Habitat for Humanity in India to build homes for the underprivileged villagers of Bawana, which is 40km away from Delhi. Volunteers helped in laying the foundation stone and constructing the walls and pillars. Cathay Pacific also donated to cover the costs of the construction.

The Cathay Pacific Philippines Cargo Team invited its working partners in Manila and Cebu to help plant mangroves in July to protect the beach area in front of a local elementary school on Olango Island, Cebu. Working with the local NGO Philippine Business for Social Progress, a team of 28 volunteers, including five∆ from Cathay Pacific, together with 60 students from the elementary school, helped plant more than 500 mangrove trees. The team also donated books, school-supplies kits and snacks.

Thirteen∆ staff from Dragonair's Chongqing team in China participated at a sports event with mentally disabled students at Chongqing Huiling School. This school has been part of Dragonair's adopt-a-school programme since 2008, and funds provided by the company have helped their Special Olympics athletes get much-needed training.