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Investing in Communities

We continue to support and invest in the Hong Kong community of which we have been a part for more than six decades, through our activities related to aviation, education, health and the environment. In addition, we are actively involved in community initiatives to make a difference at the outport countries wherever we operate. We focus our efforts in those areas near our operations or in projects that matter to us and our stakeholders.

Key issues raised by stakeholders on our Communities
Support for social enterprises. Local engagement. Flexibility and support for staff voluntary work. Reporting on performance data and assessing results of community investment. Be strategic. Adopt best practise models.
Responding to local needs around the world
    Cathay Pacific has responded quickly to help and support those affected by natural disasters and traumatic experiences, making charitable donations and launching fundraising campaigns to assist a number of major relief efforts. In 2010, these included:
  • In May, the Swire Group Charitable Trust and the Cathay Pacific Group helped raise a total of HK$5 million to support UNICEF relief efforts in Qinghai, the western China province left devastated after the earthquake in April. Donation included contributions from Cathay Pacific Group staff and funds from the Change for Good inflight fundraising programme, with a matching contribution from both the Trust and the Group.
  • In response to the devastating floods in Pakistan and landslides in Gansu Province, China, the Cathay Pacific Group made a donation of HK$1.5 million to support the relief efforts of UNICEF and NGOs in Pakistan. Karachi-based employees and the airline's local agents donated a day's salary to the cause, together with contributions from staff of Cathay Pacific and Dragonair around the world, which the company matched. The airline also helped with he shipment of 27 tonnes of relief goods to Pakistan using a special freighter flight.
  • Cathay Pacific shared the grief and frustration felt by the Hong Kong community following the tragic outcome of the Manila hostage situation in August. We showed our support to the government and the people of Hong Kong by organising a charter flight to help bring victims and their families back from the Philippines. In the wake of the tragedy we put in place special ticketing arrangements to help those who wanted to change their travel plans.

Our community involvement worldwide in 2010

    1 U.S.A./ Canada
  • I Can Fly Program and Aviation 101
  • Youth nutrition programs with Breakfast for Learning
  • Activities with local Chinese communities
  • Fundraising and supporting children, the homeless and breast cancer charities
  • Sponsoring cargo shipment of school supplies to underprivileged children in Asia
  • Park and beach cleaning
    2 Germany
  • Donation to disabled children's home and children cancer hospitals
    3 Mainland China
  • Aviation youth camp
  • Humanitarian relief (Qinghai earthquake and Gansu mudslide)
    4 Japan
  • Cargo fleet tour at Narita airport for students
  • Oxfam trail walk and charity runs
    5 Taiwan
  • Shanghai Expo visit with handicapped students
  • Hosted sale by Children Are Us Bakery
  • Coastal cleanup
    6 Singapore
  • Mangrove salvaging
    7 Philippines
  • Planting mangroves with a local primary school, donating supplies and schoolhouse painting
    8 Hong Kong
  • Programmes and activities focused on education, medical care and the environment
  • Internship with CX Engineering, HAESL and Boeing (Seattle) for university graduates
    9 Pakistan
  • Supporting the Rotary Club of Pakistan, day center for children with cerebral palsy, and community service
  • Humanitarian relief and donations to flood victims
    10 India
  • Building homes with Habitat for Humanity
  • Slum visit and food distribution
  • Donation to children's home
  • Visit to a home for the aged
    11 South Africa
  • Christmas donations