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Investing in Communities

We continue to support and invest in the Hong Kong community of which we have been a part for more than six decades, through our activities related to aviation, education, health and the environment. In addition, we are actively involved in community initiatives to make a difference at the outport countries wherever we operate. We focus our efforts in those areas near our operations or in projects that matter to us and our stakeholders.

Key issues raised by stakeholders on our Communities
Support for social enterprises. Local engagement. Flexibility and support for staff voluntary work. Reporting on performance data and assessing results of community investment. Be strategic. Adopt best practise models.
Engaging our staff

Leveraging the uniqueness of the airline business, we motivate our staff to serve the community in different parts of the world through the 'CX Volunteers' corporate volunteer team. Initiatives range from smaller projects responding to the specific needs of local communities, to long-running flagship youth programmes and providing social services to communities in educational and welfare projects. Cathay Pacific and Dragonair have made a wide range of charitable donations, providing charities with flight tickets, other in-kind donations and professional advice. In 2010, in Hong Kong, 308 Cathay Pacific employees completed 4,175 hours of volunteering.