The verification process intends to provide Cathay Pacific's stakeholders with an external assurance of the accuracy and completeness of information presented in the Report.
This Statement is issued based on Independent third-party opinion — BMT was not involved in any aspects on the preparation of the Report.
During the verification process, a series of data reviews and on-site interviews were conducted between December 2009 and March 2010 with Cathay Pacific's representatives.
BMT reviewed the randomly selected statements, claims and reported figures; examined the supporting data and documented evidences, plus data collation systems. Where further investigation was necessary to confirm claims, additional information was requested and reviewed.
The report content is benchmarked against the GRI A+ application level. As not all of the GRI G3 standard disclosures are presented in the Report, BMT also checked references to Cathay Pacific's Annual Report 2009.
Results and Commentary
Report Accuracy
Data collection mechanisms and information management systems are considered as robust, systematic and effective. Specific data used to support claims and compile reported figures were correctly retrieved and appropriately interpreted.
The statement and claims made in the Report examined by BMT represent an accurate account of Cathay Pacific's actions in 2009. For the selected outstanding claims and figures that were deemed questionable during the verification, Cathay Pacific has made amendments in accordance with BMT's suggestions.
Report Coverage and Relevance
Expanding from Cathay Pacific's previous report boundary, this Report covers the significant environmental, economic and social impacts arising from the activities of the Hong Kong-based 100% owned subsidiaries.
Cathay Pacific has firstly developed a materiality evaluation process to define what should be considered in the Report. No material factors were found omitted in this process. Most of the concerns raised during stakeholder engagement were addressed in the Report.
The Sustainable Development Report 2009 has demonstrated Cathay Pacific's dedication in engaging with sustainability issues, which sets a positive example within the aviation industry.
BMT confirms that Cathay Pacific has achieved GRI Application Level A+ in its Sustainable Development Report 2009.
Recommendations for Future Reports
Cathay Pacific is encouraged to:
Set up more quantitative targets and goals, and increase reporting transparency on the process of achievements.
Enhance graphical presentations and historic comparison of environmental and social performance data in order to improve the report readability.
Report more explicitly on Cathay Pacific's top management response in addressing different stakeholders' concerns.
Derek Ho
Associate Director
BMT Asia Pacific Limited